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Storyline: The film chronicles the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America Barack Obama wooed his future First Lady Michelle Obama on a first date across Chicago's South Side.

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Movie Title: Southside with You (2016)
Director: Richard Tanne
Stars: Tika Sumpter, Parker Sawyers, Vanessa Bell Calloway 
Release Date: 30 September 2016 (UK)
Genres: Biography, Drama, Romance 
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 750MB
Resolution: 1280x536
Runtime: 01:24:00
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 1080p.BluRay.x264-Replica

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      • Dirk, please tell Lily that by “coolest president” I was just talking about in terms of attitude and demeanor. I wasn’t even talking about politics. It’s hard to argue that fact looking at the long list of white men that preceded him.

        Also, I think it’s funny if Lily thinks that Trump is going to make anything better.

        (I’m no longer replying directly to her since she asked me not to.)

        • So you think Hillary Clinton was a good choice? She should be in jail. She is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people (some say 400 000 but it is probably more). Not to mention the Clinton foundation (all the money they stole in Haiti) and recently (with wikileaks) the pedophilia and child prostitution ring: disgusting! They have parties where they rape children and then brag about it. I will not give you the list of the horrible things she has done, because you will go nuts: that list would be pages long. But know this: Obama is a million times better than Hillary Clinton – no contest here. Hitler was better than Hillary! Do I think Trump is going to make a difference? I certainly hope so! But I have no illusions. All politicians lie or if they meant what they said they eventually end up as puppets for the hidden hand. To be honest, the only way things would change is if people started changing themselves. When people will understand the true meaning of freedom then that will be a big step forward. What is freedom? Freedom is the right you have to do what you want, in as long as you do not impose your will onto others (and that statement has so many implications). When people change, they will project it into the collective mind – and from there everything will change. As Gandhi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’. Truth is we do not need so many legislations and such a complex and heavy government – and we certainly don’t need so many politicians – we just need good willing people who respect each others in accordance with natural laws. So knowing that, of course Trump will not save the day. He might even be horrible. But for now, what else could we do? The best person for the presidential job would really have been Ron Paul… But as I say: politics is not the solution. I give you two more quotes from Einstein that illustrate why politicians are useless:
          “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” ….. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
          Anyway, am sorry if I was a bit dry with some of my comments.

        • A lot of those claims against Clinton sound unsubstantiated, like a conspiracy theory. I can’t pretend to know the truth about everything, but notwithstanding everything you’ve said, it’s clear to me that Hillary had a plan and Trump does not. That can be either a good or bad thing, but as history tends to repeat itself, I can only assume it will be bad. I’m already getting Nixon vibes from Trump and he hasn’t even taken office yet. There is too much of a divide in this country and Trump will only continue to further separate us and lead this nation in the wrong direction. Every time I see this huge pendulum swing from 8 years Democrat to 8 years Republican and back again, I’m reminded how ridiculous and outdated this political party and electoral system is and how nothing will ever really change under this structure. It would have been great if Bernie Sanders or Ron Paul had a chance but of course they don’t conform enough to the established two-party structure. It’s always the same old shit. I think it would have been good enough just to have Hillary be our first female president as a logical, progressive step forward in America, instead of setting us back 50 years with a bully.
          As Trump continues to put together his cabinet, it becomes apparent that lots of strings were pulled to secure his presidency and we’re all in deep shit now. I guess only time will tell for sure. It’s not like we have much of a choice in the matter.

          “Freedom is the right you have to do what you want, in as long as you do not impose your will onto others (and that statement has so many implications).”

          I agree with this sentiment 100%.

        • Time will tell.. But I assure you that Hillary is a major criminal – you can easily find out for yourself by looking into it, using reputable sources. We are talking here about 30 solid years of crime: there are tons of incriminating evidences. For sure the FBI (and am talking about field agents), the Congress and NYPD want to see her jailed – as well as armed forces (they cannot stand her) and Intelligence services (it is established now that Intelligence agencies leaked the 650 000 emails to wikileaks). She most likely will be jailed: it will all come out. There was a documentary I mentioned a while back: “Clinton Cash” – it is about the Clinton Foundation: you should watch it! Also “Dreams from my real father” an interesting doco about Obama.. You know, I would have been happy to have her as president if she was not so crooked! But some of the things she did as so horrifying – even her daughter Chelsea was horrified: you should watch Clinton Cash really.. As for Trump we will see… I hope he will do some good – but it is hard to say now because he is not in office yet. I don’t agree with some of the things he talks about but I also think that he has some good projects. Will he deliver? I know that he has appointed some hmmm people. “Donald Trump’s cabinet of billionaires could be worth more than 100 countries’ GDPs”.. Am not so keen on that coz billionaires are disconnected from reality. I think that the system is just a big joke anyway. Everything is rigged. We are still living under monarchy but we have the illusion of choice because every few years we are given the opportunity to choose between 2 parties. If I said “you are free! You can decide if you want to eat the apple or the orange” well, that’s not freedom! What if I want to eat something else out of the millions of different food that exist! This is why I think that true societal change will only come from individual change! And this is also why the social engineers are constantly creating division – from primary school they are at it! It is to keep us all at each others throats and prevent the real revolution: the revolution of the mind. People think in terms of label: am this am that, am white, am black, am well off, am poor, am gay, am hetero, am Republican, am Democrat. The divide and rule: it works since the beginning of times. We are all on the same boat but everyone thinks it is more natural to compete instead of cooperate. As I always said: it is not the 1% who is the problem; but it is the 95% who acquiesce and play pawns for their masters. So maybe we deserve this shit. And maybe we will end up destroying ourselves after all. And hahaha, I have managed to have you write a long post as well! lol

        • Thank you Lily, for your fact free lecture. I’m sure you’ve converted a lot of people here with your thoughtful and measured approach.

        • Yeah, that’s why I don’t usually engage in these debates. There’s no winning.

          I haven’t looked into it, but wasn’t it already confirmed by the FBI that the emails didn’t show anything? Even Trump backed off his claims that he would have her investigated. I really think this was all built up to slander her name so she wouldn’t win the election. If there was real dirt out there for everyone to see, I don’t think everyone would be supporting her (she did win the popular vote, after all). You can’t suppress the truth if it’s really that incriminating and damaging. Especially with all the liberals voting for her; they wouldn’t overlook that shit.

          But yeah, I agree that everything is rigged and choice is illusion. Individual change will take a long time to take hold, especially when we’re being oppressed by the powers that be. And that’s why movies and entertainment were created…to brainwash us and distract us from all the bullshit going on around us so we won’t revolt and bring about the real change that is needed.

          And I guess it’s working. I wouldn’t really mind it if this world destroyed itself. I have no stake in it anymore.

        • Gratefull, I think you are an intelligent person. I can only say this to you: investigate and decide for yourself. It is not enough to say “this claim is too unbelievable” or “if it were true people would never have supported her” – you need to look into it and then see for yourself. Tinyhands thanks me for my “fact free lecture” as well: do you guys really want me to show you the facts? Do you want dozens of links, the court transcripts, the Congress review transcripts, maybe you also want a copy of the 650 000 emails? Will MAQ let me saturate his site with all that material? When all you have to do is use the Internet: open a new tab and look into it yourselves – Then decide! Then you can say if I am fact free or if I was actually right. I have spent all last year investigating this – I have read tons of material and watched dozens of interviews and dozens of documentaries on the subject. And I am told after all this that I am fact free by some people who have done zit in terms of investigation? Sorry guys, but am not going to chew it for you. Saying am fact free or a conspiracy theorist won’t change the real facts that Hillary Clinton is a total criminal; and one of the worst kind. The Internet is full of information: dive in and see for yourselves. If you told me something crazy about Trump or about anything else: I surely would not seat here and say nahh that can’t be – you have no facts… I would look into it and get back to you with my final thoughts. Screw the cognitive dissonance: I want to know the truth and I will go all the way to know it! But it’s ok: you guys do as you want! Am not here to convince anyone, am just sharing some info thinking that people will benefit from knowing what is going on because it is truly shocking. People are are suffering and children are being abused by these monsters as we speak. This is serious stuff, not just chat nonsense. It is up to you guys to decide if you can’t bothered. But until you actually spend the time to do some investigation: there is no point arguing because in reality you are the ones who have no facts to back your position. I agree with you Grateful, it is not a good idea to engage in such debates in a forum like here – so I will stop. I just mentioned it because the movie was about Obama and I thought that some people were glorying him solely based on charisma and his show-business persona instead of looking into his politics. But we have sorted that πŸ™‚ Anyway, I will stick with short comments about movies now (I will try anyway, because when I start to write I can’t stop! lol). Have a great day / evening guys! Cheers !

        • Grateful, concerning the FBI and the email story: key words “comey hsbc clinton”… After Comey’s second decision to let Hillary go scot free for the emails: hundreds of FBI field agents resigned in block (I think 300 in the first week following Comey’s decision). Look into it and it will make you angry. In fact, if you have any questions, am happy to give you the key words for your search! That is as far as I will go – but I will gladly do it.

        • I looked up that search term you mentioned and the first site I navigated to was Snopes to see if it had been debunked. And guess what, it was!

          Now of course you can claim that the “liberal media” has gotten hold of that site and changed the facts in order to fit a particular “truth”, but that leads you down the dark rabbit hole of conspiracy and paranoia and “who can you trust?” and I’ve been down that road before…it’s not pretty.

          It’s really hard to know what’s real or not these days with the proliferation of fake news populating the internet. Just because it’s spread around and read and shared by thousands of people doesn’t necessarily mean it’s real. It’s just spreading rumor and gossip and creating more fear and panic. That doesn’t help anyone.

          Like I said before, I don’t pretend to know the truth BUT I know that there are bad people out there doing bad things and there’s a particular system in place to keep us all in check. But that’s as far as I want to take it. Like you said, the most important thing is individual change. We can’t change the bigger picture, but we can educate ourselves and try to make sure we make the right choices so bad things don’t happen again. I realize you are doing that by investigating this whole Clinton scandal for the past year but you’re so consumed and biased by this one particular angle, I don’t know if you’re looking at the whole picture. For example, when you said that Hillary is worse than Hitler, I realize that’s hyperbole — you don’t really believe that, do you? If so, you are really deluded. You’re being brainwashed by right-wing political propaganda. You’re going to the same sites over and over again and not getting your information from a legitimate news source. I looked up a few of those headlines you listed below and each one led me to the same conspiracy websites (Alex Jones…now I see where you get your information) and each one had a Snopes page where it was listed as UNPROVEN. The “Hillary Clinton Suspended 3 Weeks By FEC For Spitting On Volunteer” led to a fucking Onion article!

          Anyway, all of this really doesn’t matter anymore since Clinton isn’t President. If what all you said is true and the FBI have this information, then the truth will come to light eventually, justice will be served and she will be punished for her crimes. The fact that Trump said he would have “crooked Hillary investigated” and then backed off as soon as she conceded the race just shows me that he is a liar and that it probably isn’t as bad as we’ve been led to believe. That’s just my take on the matter. I’m going to go back to watching movies now. πŸ˜›

        • hahaha yes I know about the onion article (I realized after I posted the link here). In my mind the article was about the tantrum she had after the election so I overlooked the onion source (I was on the phone too).. You are right, investigating takes a lot of judgment: some news are spoof, then you have disinfo, then you have tainted news. But this is why I say investigation must be made at the source when possible (and documentaries are quite good for the most part, because producers must check their sources before committing). There are reputable sources, but I don’t think highly of mainstream news. I get my news at the Drudge Report. What I meant about Hitler was of course an exaggeration. Tho I have spent a long time studying Hitler and everything relating to WW2. My grandparents suffered during the war and my family have pushed me to know history ever since I was a kid. And I took a liking to study it! Including ancient history πŸ™‚ Hmmm, I don’t like liberals: they are a propaganda tool for the elite and they act as useful idiots most of the time- they don’t know much about real life. Especially the communist clowns. It makes me laugh when I see them with the red star and all (especially the Maoist) I spent some time in Russia and China – and I know what communism is (not a good system). When I was living in Russia people told me what their lives were about during the communist era. And in China I saw it first hand. Am more on the side of libertarians. But ultimately, all this is irrelevant – I seek enlightenment and politics and worldly things are not going to help in that department! Anyway, I think am going to take a break with comments and stuff. It was good reading you and you certainly have a head on your shoulders. Take care then Grateful! And make sure to purchase your “Trump is my president” T-shirt! hahahaha πŸ™‚

  1. My rant, as you call it, was to show people who think that Obama is “the coolest president we’ve ever had” that maybe it is time to pull head out of ass and quit living in la la land. But I guess that some people chose to remain ignorant no matter what. This is why we are in this BIG mess. How not surprised I am to read your comment. It is sad really.

  2. Then again, considering you sound like a preteen, I can’t be too fussy with expectations either…

  3. Oh and by the way: I have no stake in this – Just so you know: I did not even vote for Trump… Even if I think better him in the oval office than crooked Hillary.

  4. @Tinyhands well you me yours and I’ll show you mine! (am talking about facts). I haven’t seen you presenting any fact dismissing anything that I have said thus far. You see, it’s easy to seat here and pass judgment. So, when you have something more substantial to offer: I will be happy to receive your inputs. And am not a priestess you know, am not here to convert anyone: I couldn’t care less! You can be pro smurf or pro bozo the clown if you want – whatever floats your boat.

  5. lol, if only it was just that..

    Hillary Clinton Suspended 3 Weeks By FEC For Spitting On Volunteer
    Report: Hillary ‘physically violent’ after losing election
    Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with
    Secret Service: Raging Hillary Clinton Threw Bible at Colleague
    Security Agent Tells FBI What It Was Really Like To Work With Hillary
    Hillary’s Former White House Chef Says She Called Black Servant The ‘N-Word
    Hillary insults state trooper

    • The first one: Hillary Clinton Suspended 3 Weeks By FEC For Spitting On Volunteer might be a hoax. She did abuse staff (several staff in fact) and there were some complaints but the 3 weeks suspension might not be true. However, we should focus more on the complaint to the FEC lodged by the Veritas project. Some shocking revelations there.

  6. I’m not american, and i don’t like to intervene in ur discussion, but i want to tell u something interesting,
    i had heard someone before the election,” unlike everyone saying clinton is the next america president , it is trump who will but not her”. I did not notice him at that moment!
    He also told me his presidency would not long more than six month!
    Iraqi officials say the US directly supplies ISIS by the air!
    Is it possible that god wants to punish US by TRUMP’s presidency because of using terrorism! LOL! 😐

    • Hello Eric! You are welcome to intervene any time πŸ™‚ It is possible Trump will be assassinated if he really goes against the globalists and shut down the free trade agreements (as he said he would). Yes, the the US directly supplies ISIS by air. they also provide logistics for ISIS. As for God: I could not say lol!

  7. hmm and to conclude: watch out snopes… Sorting out news is about analyzing and going to the sources. Legislative archives for the Congress, National archives, you can consult court transcripts, you can go on wikileaks and real the emails for yourself – There are books that list their sources, interviews wit the concerned parties, there are many ways to filter tihrd party news. And there is more to it than just “debunking ” this and that. I have read some pretty convincing articles that debunked the fact that the earth is a sphere. Everything can be debunked. This debunking everything is very trendy now ; it is like junk food: a quick fix that reassure people and lead them away from actually do some research. Taking an info and throwing it into the debunk machine is a passive form of investigation. Critical thinking is about analysis and synthesis – and not just debunking stuff. anyway, that’s my 2 cents πŸ˜› / but when it comes to snopes: maybe someone should debunk them as well… You mentioned Infowars: have you ever listened to it? Am just wondering.. I have seen the show and was surprised to see the quality of guests they have and the perspective they offer with their angle. What is sure is that Infowars, Drudge and Breitbart (to name a few) have billions of listener per year (Drudge have 11 billions visitors per year: stats are on the site and on Google as well) – surely, we can’t all be right wings deluded bozos.. CNN, FOX and MSNBC: they are lucky to have a few hundreds of thousands visitors if that. I think the last polls showed that only 6% of Americans trust mainstream media… Anyway pfffff am done

    • To end things on a lighter note, did you watch this movie that we’re commenting on? I thought it was a sweet “first date” story in the vein of Before Sunrise. Not really politically motivated in the least.

      • No I didn’t watch it.. I know what Obama was doing in Chicago at that time… He was an agitator and close friend of the terrorist group Weather Underground. hmmm… I might watch it but it will give me a skin rash! Unless I forget who they are talking about… I have to catch up on so many movies: my laptop just died on me a while back and it took me weeks to get that new laptop. I couldn’t watch any movies coz the sound card was finished and the screen was flickering like hell. Ok, I will put this one on the list then πŸ™‚

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